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Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 142, Issue 1, 2008

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Here I sit…Feeling Like a Heel

Confirmation—A Developmental Understanding

Confirmation instruction is a critical component of Christian Education and, like all curriculum, its content and approach must be matched to the developmental stage of the learner. The article suggests ways in which classic cognitive and developmental theory may be used to build a teaching/learning framework within which crucial tenets of the Lutheran doctrine can be best understood and absorbed at this important life stage. by David L. Rueter

What Teachers Can Do When Overindulged Children Come to School

Supportive and caring parents are essential allies in the educational process but what happens when “support” becomes really intrusive and “caring” is defined as providing children with possessions and experiences that are more about what the parent wants than what is appropriate for the child. Definitions of overindulgence and strategies for educators are suggested here. by David J. Bredehoft and Chelsae K. Armao

On the Necessity of Integrating Affective Education into the Regular Curriculum

In an atmosphere of high-stakes testing and the pressure to meet state standards, the affective/emotional realm may very well be one place where children are left behind. The article provides a review of current literature addressing the need for curricular models which proactively include attention to the affective domain in the educational process. by Ursula Pridgen-Ricketts

Professors and the Profession: Twelve Turkish Mothers: A Reflection for the First Day of Class

Reflective educators may trace their own motivation for teaching to particular life events or individuals who, perhaps even unknowingly, exerted influences which are eventually borne out over a lifetime in the profession. In a uniquely reflective piece, the author shares a sequence of personal stories which he uses in the Concordia University classroom as and example of how his own educational ethos has developed. by Daniel J. K. Bardy

Go…and Teach! The Teacher as Competent Problem Solver, Part 2

Administrative Talk…When the Wayward Student Is Sent to the Principal

Today’s Lutheran Educator…Who Will be Here Tomorrow?

Multiplying Ministries…Wit, Wisdom, Wrinkles…and Wows