Issue 2

Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 142, Issue 2, 2008

Here I Sit…A Stranger In a Strange Land

Raising Boys in the Faith

Examining the differences between boys and girls is not limited to how they are socialized but reaches into aspects of the emotional and physiological level as well. The article examines how this extends to the teaching and learning of the Christian faith and how the awareness of some unique aspects of maleness can be utilized to do this in the most effective ways. by Steven Arnold

Called to be Single: Issues and Concerns of Single Women in Ministry

At the invitation of the Journal, Co-authors Britton and Rapp reprise their presentation at the 2008 LEA Convocation on this topic. What unique perspectives,challenges and opportunities come to those serving in congregational settings who also happen to be single? The article is based on the authors’ research and also on the processing of these kinds of questions through discussion at the convocation. by Sarah Britton and Kerri Rapp

Making Policy in Washington: Growth and Refreshment of a Sabbatical Term

Dr. Guidera goes to Washington and offers an insider’s view on the process by which policy is made, the role of those “special interest groups” and some reflection on the role of the Christian in civil affairs. by George Guidera

Bridging the Communication Gap: The Value of Intentional Positive Teacher-Initiated Communication

In a study conducted with school faculty members, administrators and parents, the article presents some findings that speak directly to the need for proactive and intentional bridge-building between school and home. The article reviews previous research on the topic as well as presenting the author’s own findings. by Richard W. Schumacher, Jr.

Go …and Teach! The Teacher as Competent Problem Solver. Part 3 Basic Skills

Administrative Talk…And Forgive Them Their Trespasses

Secondary Sequence…Technology’s Price

Multiplying Ministries… “Spokes” Persons of Hope