Issue 4

Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 142, issue 4, June 2009

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Here I sit…DCE Ministry Celebrates the Big Five-Oh!

Directors of Christian Education: Telling the Family History

The Christian faith has been passed from generation to generation, from parents to children, family to family. In more recent times, the Church has created institutions such as the Sunday School, VBS, etc. and consequently found that these require specialized professional leadership. The modern DCE is a descendent of these. The authors here trace the “genealogy” of the DCE professional family to the present. by Paul Schoepp and Thad Warren

Christian Faith Formation for the 21st Century: A Renewing Way

Approaches to Christian education in the parish have followed the traditional schooling model for decades which is, according to the authors, limited in its application and effectiveness. The authors posit that a formational model with its wider focus and emphasis on the Christian community is more effective and has stronger relevance in the more diverse and diffused social and cultural contexts in which families currently find themselves. by Steve Arnold and Kevin Hall

DCE: Generalist or Specialist…Revisited

While discussions about the role of DCEs in the parish have continued over the last decades, the author offers here a critique that cuts to a more fundamental level, that is, that the primary, fundamental task with which DCEs were originally charged is to be teachers of the faith. Defining this as the base from which DCE ministry emanates ultimately results in powerful, transformative ministry. by Mark Blanke

DCE Ministry 2009: Is It Time to Face the Tides on Change?

DCE ministry faces some crucial questions and, according to the author, many of these stem from assumptions and misconceptions about DCEs, some of which DCEs themselves need to dispel. Further, the contexts in which they serve need to be re-examined in order to reach people outside of the traditional reach of the Church. This may require redefining the office in terms of flexibility, emphasis and ministry contexts in order to be “ahead of the tide” of social and cultural change. by Jim McConnell

Go…and Teach! DCEs—The Lifespan Educators

Administrative Talk…Martha the Principal

Secondary Sequence… “Elevating” the Mission of a Lutheran High School

Today’s Lutheran Educator…DCE Ministry—A History of Growth

Multiplying Ministries…D.C.E. Spells P.R.C.: Reflections on Fifty Years of DCE Ministry

A Final Word…The DCE at 50: Celebration and Challenge