Issue 1

Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 143, Issue 1, August 2009

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Here I Sit…New, Nervous, Novice

Angry Hostile Parents—What to do?

A new school year starts and much effort is focused on gaining the support and cooperation of the parents of students. Inevitably though, teachers, principals, DCEs and pastors will face difficult situations with parents who are upset, or have other major issues in their lives. The author reviews connections with research literature on this topic, and offers practical suggestions and strategies for coping with these challenging relationships. by Steven A. Kaatz

TO: Lutheran School Principal RE: Is Your School Healthy

School reform and improvement plans are very much a part of current debates in the profession at large. A significant element in these is careful attention to the overall climate of the school environment. The author offers for use in Lutheran schools his own school climate inventory as well as an invitation for his support in its administration and interpretation of results. This is a unique opportunity for Lutheran educators to assess the climate of their own institutions and to contribute directly to a pilot research endeavor. by Tim Mizelle

Post-Supper Devotion

Lutheran Educators teach and model the necessity of and invitation to worship as a regular part of our own lives. The Lord’s Supper is central to this and while there is necessary discussion on how best to teach about it it’s also helpful to our own ministry and personal lives that we spend time in renewing and increasing our own understanding of this elegant sacrament. The author provides a reflective, scholarly meditation on the Eucharist that will enhance one’s personal study or perhaps may form the basis for faculty and staff devotions. by Thomas Von Hagel

Book Notes: Confirmation Basics

Rather than attempting a quick-fix for congregations struggling with issues in their Confirmation programs, this new book provides a guide that can be used for the evaluation of Confirmation programs to determine how best to enhance the education of young disciples for Christ. by Kevin Borchers

Go…and Teach! Our Wonderful Students, Part 1

DCE Expressions…New Directions in a New Association

Administrative Talk…When Things Fall Apart

Secondary Sequence…A Nudge from a Friend

Today’s Lutheran Educator…Lutheran Education: It’s More Than Religion

Multiplying Ministries…It’s About time