Lutheran Education Journal, Vol. 143, Issue 2

Feb 12th, 2010 | Category: Print Archive

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Page 87 The Widget Effect: A New Educational Term for an Old Educational Problem
A central problem confronting the appraisal rating system of teachers is that their effectiveness—the most important factor in the improvement of student learning—is not measured, recorded, or used to inform decisionmaking in any meaningful way. The author examines a recent national study which highlights the problem with its findings as well as important questions left unanswered.
by Tim Mizelle

Page 98 Forgiving “Unforgivable” Injustices: A Lutheran Interpretation of the Processes of Interpersonal Forgiveness
Whether serving the Church or not, individuals are often vulnerable to situations in which forgiveness is difficult and questions such as “What did I do to deserve this?” arise. These reach into the very core of one’s sense of a place in the world and often result in deep and lasting emotional injury. The author examines the process of moving from “walking wounded” to the peace that can only derive from placing Christ’s sacrifice at the center of the hurt.
by Henry Corcoran

Page 112 Christians in the Hipster Subculture: What Does the Gospel have to do with Skinny Jeans, Irony, and Indie Bands?
The hipster aesthetic including piercings, listening to vinyl records and riding fixed-gear bicycles has gone mainstream and has also entered the Christian tradition in the form of what might be called “Christian hipsters,” those who participate in both the Christian tradition and the hipster “lifestyle.” What, if anything, does this bring to the ongoing engagement between religion and culture? The authors here share research originally presented at the 2009 conference of the Association of Lutheran College Faculties.
by Courtney Wilder and Jeremy Rehwaldt-Alexander

Page 121 The Call and the Will of God
We who are Called to serve daily confront our own relationship with the work that God places before us, a crucial part of which is helping His people understand the “Why?” of their own lives and their relationship with God. In this last print-on-paper issue of the Journal, we re-publish here the author’s iconic study of the essence of what we do as servant leaders in the Church.
by Russell Moulds

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