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A Paradigm Shift In Teaching and Learning Golf

Apr 30th, 2012 |

The traditional golf-teaching model is primarily based on a pre-determined theory that there is a right way to swing a golf club according to the leadership at the PGA of America. An alternative non-conventional theory is that an acceptable golf swing already exists within the golfer, but self-interference during the golf swing may be the cause of many golf swing deficiencies (Shoemaker, 2006). Self-interferences are internal mental thoughts that arise at random. These random thoughts are typically negative in nature and can dis-empower the golfer, preventing the golfer from reaching his or her peak performance.

In this paper the researcher explored two teaching methods and a study was designed to demonstrate if the hypothesis that a paradigm shift to an alternative non-conventional method in teaching and learning golf could lead to better performance based upon the findings of the study, the hypothesis appears to have merit.