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A Survey of Graduate Student Academic and Psychosocial Support Service Needs

Dec 16th, 2010 |

The authors report on an effort undertaken by the Concordia University Chicago, College of Graduate and Innovative Programs’ Care and Concern Task Force to explore and determine the academic and psychosocial support service needs of graduate students seeking master’s and doctoral degrees. A survey was developed and administered to on-campus, cohort site, and fully online program students through the University’s webmail system. The survey consisted of both closed-ended rating scale items and open-ended qualitative items. The survey was designed to determine students’ awareness and current use of as well as level of satisfaction with existing services and how services could be improved to better meet student needs. A majority of respondents were not aware of existing support services. When a service had been used at least once, students reported being somewhat or fully satisfied. No significant differences were found in satisfaction among the on-campus, cohort site, and fully online students. Recommendations for infrastructural and qualitative improvements in graduate student support services as well as the future direction of the Care and Concern Task Force are discussed in the context of CUC’s core values.