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Ideological Approaches to Science and Religion in a National Survey of Lutheran High School Science Teachers

Jul 8th, 2010 |

While everyone has their own personal understanding of the relationship between science and religion, for science teachers in Lutheran high schools the issue is an important part of their everyday life and ministry. This article will review data gathered in a nationwide survey of 179 Lutheran high school teachers conducted in early 2009. Among the issues investigated by the survey is the attempt to examine the teachers’ ideological understanding of how empirical knowledge and revealed beliefs interact. The conceptual model that led to the framing of the ideology questions is explained followed by a description of the mixed quantitative and qualitative design and review of survey data. The resulting approaches to science and religion among science teachers in Lutheran high schools are summarized.

Here I Sit…Waiting for the Bus

Jun 24th, 2010 |

I haven’t seen the signs on the downtown buses yet. Apparently, according to the Chicago Tribune the Freedom From Religion Foundation is sponsoring a campaign in which they’re running ads on mass transit buses bearing the message, “Sleep In On Sundays.” Since I’ve helped to raise two children and underscored to hundreds of students the importance of regular worship (and yeah, we miss a few Sundays here and there) I was curious about just who might be countermanding all my efforts over all these years.