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Perceptions of Novice Teachers at Academically At-Risk Public High Schools In Regard to Teacher Preparation and Support

Apr 18th, 2013 |

Abstract Ever since the National Commission on Excellence in Education released their document entitled A Nation at Risk, educational leaders have put numerous reform efforts into place aimed at improving the quality of education in the United States.  There is significant research pointing to the fact that improved teacher preparation and support are key elements […]

The Development of Self-Control in Young Children

Jul 14th, 2011 |

During the early years children acquire emotional, social, spiritual, and academic skills that equip them to succeed later in life. Paramount to a thriving early childhood experience is the development of self-control. This article explores the development of self-control in young children. It concludes that young children who fail to develop self-control experience emotional, social, spiritual, and academic deficits throughout life. Topics covered include, 1) an overview of self-control, 2) the crucial role of parents, 3) the important role of teachers, 4) the dynamics of peer relations and play, 5) the connection between self-control and language, 6) techniques that promote self-control and 7) a theological reflection.